Pre-School 1 & 2 (Ages 2.5-3.5 and 4-5)

Our pre-school class introduces the new and exciting world of movement to our youngest students. The program is designed to develop coordination, motor skills, body awareness, rhythm and a love of music and dance. Teachers encourage listening skills, social interaction while having fun! This is a 45 minute class they will dance with teddy bears, butterfly wings.

Kinder Combo (Ages 5-6)

For students entering kindergarten, this one-hour combo class develops basic ballet vocabulary and coordination and musicality through tap. At this age children are eager to learn and love to move. Our faculty will nurture that love, guiding them through new dance vocabulary and exploration of where movement can lead them!

Primary Combo Ages (6-7)

This hour class is movement packed for an energetic and curious age. Offering fundamentals in ballet, jazz and tap, these dancers are moving in more challenging and developmentally appropriate ways. Ballet vocabulary and technique is increased and more skills are taught. Age appropriate, music and movement is introduced in the jazz portion of dance. Rhythm, coordination and musicality, as well as increased vocabulary, are the goals in tap.

Primary (Ages 7 - 9)

As children develop more ability and focus, our classes evolve to provide enriched learning of technique and greater appreciation for the art of dance. Attentive faculty and small class sizes ensure that the children receive a quality education. Children develop better posture, strength, muscle control and balance while working at the bare in ballet class. Jazz class offers technique fun and fitness while tap and hip-hop classes develops coordination and musicality.

Intermediate (Ages 10-13)

Our intermediate class will stimulate the mind and body with more challenging technique choreography. The classes provide more discipline and elevated level of instruction. Vocabulary is expanded and dancers continue to work on increasing flexibility, strength and control. The atmosphere is still fun and inspires confidence and social skills.

Junior / Senior (Ages 13 & Up)

More advanced technique and opportunity to explore a passion for dance is the foundation of these classes. Promoting fitness, fun, and self- confidence our faculty motivates each dancer to grow and reach their personal best. Under the instruction of attentive faculty, students can explore their creativity through the art of dance. Personal achievement is emphasized in a supportive environment.

Adult Classes

Our adult classes offer fun and fitness for all ages and levels. Adult classes offer a chance to stay in shape while continuing a love of dance.

Competition Team

Functioning as both a performing group and a competitive team, our dancers will learn important lessons such as striving for their personal best, the spirit of teamwork and the dedication that is needed to achieve their goals. Through this program, our students develop a great work ethic, time management skills, have positive role models, and learn to strive to achieve their individual goals. As a result, they excel at both academic and artistic endeavors. The competitive team program is for the more serious dancer who is willing to make the commitment to extra rehearsals and practices. If you are interested in the competition team, please let your teacher know and she will provide you with more information! Thank you.

The fees for each Competition and Costume must be paid before your child will be entered into the competition.