We have an award winning competition team!

Functioning as both a performing group and a competitive team, our dancers will learn important lessons such as striving for their personal best, the spirit of teamwork and the dedication that is needed to achieve their goals. Through this program, our students develop a great work ethic, time management skills, have positive role models, and learn to strive to achieve their individual goals. As a result, they excel at both academic and artistic endeavors. The competitive team program is for the more serious dancer who is willing to make the commitment to extra classes, rehearsals and practices.

If your child is interested in joining the team please talk to your child's dance teacher. This is an additional class and cost from your monthly dance tuition payment.

There is an additional costume cost per dance your child may have on the competition team. There are also competition fees that are paid to the competition company for each competition that we do. These fees are due two months prior to the competition and must be paid before we enter your child in the competition.

It is mandatory that your child take one Ballet class a week. The Hip Hop competition team is required to take one hip hop class a week. The cost of the competition class is $25.00 per month and will be held on Friday afternoons every week if a student misses 3classes in a row without a good reason he/she will be asked to leave the team. Competition fees typically run: Solo $75 to $90 / Duo $45 to $60 / Group $25 to $45. These rates are set by the completion organization. We do away competitions and that would also be an added cost to the parent.

For your convenience you can download the Competition Agreement here:
Competition Agreement