Studio Policies


A $15.00 registration fee is required along with the registration form to reserve the student's place in class. A registration is not secure until we have received the first month's tuition and registration fee.

Class Payments

Tuition is based on an annual fee (approximately 30 weeks) and is budgeted into 10 equal monthly payments, due the first week of each month. Students will receive the discount rate if paid the first week of each month. The standard rate is due after the first week of the month. Fees are not deductible due to missed classes for any reason. Every effort will be made to make up missed classes due to weather. Tuition that is two months in arrears will result in the termination of classes.

Recital costumes will only be distributed upon full payment for the costume and if tuition is paid up to date. A costume deposit will be due the first week of November and the balance due last week of April.

There will be a $25.00 service charge imposed on all returned checks. The returned check must be replaced with cash or money order.


An effort must be made to attend every class. All students should arrive fifteen minutes before class time. There are no refunds for missed classes. PLEASE CALL IF YOU ARE GOING TO MISS CLASS !!!

Dress Code/Attire

Girls - Attire is a leotard and tights. Body fitting warm-up clothes may be worn at the teacher's discretion. Tights should be worn year round by all students along with proper shoes for class. Girl's hair should be tied back off their face.
Boys - Black jazz pants, fitted tee shirt and proper shoes for class.

Snow Cancellations

In the event of bad weather, Please call the studio (978-345-0830). We will post a message on the answering machine, on the main page of our website and on our FaceBook TimeLine if classes are cancelled. Please do not assume classes are cancelled because public schools were closed.
We do not always cancel classes when Fitchburg Schools are closed.

News and Information

In an effort to keep you informed, a monthly newsletter will be posted on the white board in the waiting room at the studio, as well as sent home with all students.